Incoherence corrector:

nDoctor didn’t pay too much attention to redundancy and sometimes user can insert twice the same piece of data. A tool will be implemented to to find and fix them.

[Here the analysis]

Signed assemblies:

This is mainly a security feature. The user will be sure that the installed assemblies will be trusted and not modified by a hacker or a pirate.


Usage statistics:

This will be a tool that will anonymously collect usage data of the software.

The data is a unique ID, the version of windows and the application (nDoctor or nDoctor light)


Extract pictures:

Add the possibility to extract all the pictures from the database into a zip file. User chooses the directory and the application extracts the picture and zip them into Data.zip


More flexible search system:

It’ll be possible to search patient based on these criteria

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Birthdate
  • Last update
  • Inscription date
  • City
  • Reason

User will be able to make an OR or an AND query. An OR query will select all the patients that fulfil at least one criterion and an AND query will select the patient that fulfil ALL the criteria


Data manager:

This will be a tool that allows user to modify satellite pieces of data. It will provide a tool to update/remove

  • Insurance
  • Medical practice
  • Profession
  • Reputation
  • Doctors
  • Doctor’s specialisation
  • Medical record folder
  • Search tags

French translation:

The main users of this application speak French. This is why the first translation will be in this language.



As it exists in nDoctor, a statistics system will be implemented to allow the user to have an overview on the patients.

These statistics will be:

  • Number of new patients by year
  • The age repartition
  • The gender repartition

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